Stanley Brand Quoted in Law360 on Indictment of Pennsylvania Attorney General

Akin Gump litigation senior counsel Stanley Brand has been quoted in the Law360 article “Politics Makes For Sticky Defense In Pa. AG’s Indictment,” which reports on the indictment of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane for allegedly leaking confidential grand jury information documents to a newspaper.

The leaked information pertains to a 2009 grand jury investigation into allegations of the misappropriation of funds by officials with Philadelphia’s NAACP chapter. Kane maintains she is innocent, but not before the scandal ensnared a former Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice and several staffers in the attorney general’s office.

Referring to these developments, Brand said, “This is like a soap opera. I don't understand how it’s going to get boiled down for the jury. Usually most obstruction and perjury cases are bing-bang-boom cases where there’s a clear statement and a stark perjury.”

Brand added that Kane will most likely try to get as much testimony into the case as possible regarding the motivations of her accusers. “It sounds like a political spitball fight between rival factions and she's going to want to get into all of that,” he said. “Her defense is going to be, ‘These people were uncooperative, they were after me and they undermined me.’ It's going to be messy, but she has to be allowed a defense.”