Statement on Charlottesville

As a firm and as a country, we unequivocally must stand against the intolerance, bigotry and violence so vividly and tragically on display recently in Charlottesville. Our firm was founded on principles of diversity and inclusion and, as a profession, we have a particular responsibility to call what is wrong, wrong. Those who chant racist and anti-Semitic messages, those who express their hatred through violence, those who work against the very values on which this country was built and thrives are wrong, period. At this crucial time in our country, our country's leaders and our business leaders must convey that message strongly and unambiguously.

Given the very disturbing events of the last several days, we intend to redouble our efforts against abuse, hatred and prejudice and to do whatever we can as a firm and as a member of the legal profession to ensure that our values are restored and that the rule of law prevails. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who bled and died in Charlottesville and in every city and town where hatred and intolerance have made new victims.