Steve Ross and Congressional Investigations Practice Profiled by The Hill

The Hill recently profiled Akin Gump partner and congressional investigations practice head Steve Ross.

Ross founded the firm’s congressional investigations practice 20 years ago after serving as the General Counsel of the U.S. House of Representatives. In “Cool head for the hot seat,” Ross discussed a range of topics arising from his work, including:

  • the importance of preparation: “People focus on those two, three, four hours during the hearing. But if we’re going to do right by a client, [the work] is really done in the run-up to that.”
  • the high-profile nature of the work: “Things that people in Washington are talking about very often end up as congressional investigations. To be able to play a role in that, and to be part of that part of the profession, has been a fabulous place to be.”
  • the benefits of a “politically agnostic attitude”: “My whole approach to congressional investigation representations is not to fall into what I think is a trap of thinking of it as a purely political exercise. If you understand that it is not a partisan process, you do a better job understanding what’s going on and understanding how to best help clients.”
  • the best way to help a client through an investigation: “The real science and art here is, how do you get through the process, knowing that the committee is going to do certain things, finding the path that allows them to do what they’re trying to do without it injuring your client.”

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