Suedeen Kelly’s Arrival, Work at Akin Gump Featured in CQ Weekly Profile

CQ Weekly reported the arrival of former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission member Suedeen Kelly at Akin Gump as co-head of the firm’s energy regulatory practice, along with that of colleagues George “Chip” Cannon Jr. and Cynthia Marlette as partner and senior counsel, respectively, in that practice.

She describes the work she does on behalf of clients as follows: “We help a number of our clients with strategic planning because sometimes the existing rules don’t quite work right. Helping clients understand what rules might be able to be tweaked or changed to keep up with the changing realities of an industry is something that we pride ourselves on being able to provide.”

On the topic of the changing nature of the industry, she cites the wholesale electricity market as an example: “The rules were initially made when the kind of electricity products being sold were very traditional energy. The markets are continuing to grow, and the interactions of those resources are new, and sometimes you see unanticipated results.”