Supreme Court Practice Head Pratik Shah Profiled by Washington Post

The Washington Post, in its article “Supreme Court veteran finds way at Akin Gump,” profiled Akin Gump Supreme Court practice leader Pratik Shah, who assumed the position in January 2013 with the departure of Patricia Millett, now a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.

Among the topics Shah discussed was the significance of a Supreme Court practice to Akin Gump: “It helps us recruit the best attorneys. It gives comfort to clients that even if they’re not going to end up before the Supreme Court, we have expertise of that caliber ... As a pure revenue matter, it’s not the biggest for the firm, but in terms of importance to the client, it’s shaping law for the industry and the country, which is why it has importance for the firm”

Shah, in addition to his practice duties, makes time to participate in law school and industry panels on the Court.  As he noted, “You never know who’s in attendance at these events that may have an issue that’s on its way to the court, and you stick in their head. And it’s fun for me. I enjoy doing them because it’s talking about the Supreme Court, which is something I would do for free.”

Shah joined Akin Gump from the Office of the Solicitor General, where he had worked as an assistant to the solicitor general for five and a half years.  To read more about his arrival at Akin Gump, please click here.