Tax Notes Quotes Monte Jackel on Report on Tax Regulation Review

Tax Notes has quoted Akin Gump senior counsel Monte Jackel in the article “Contents of Interim Report on Tax Reg Review Remain Unclear,” regarding the 60-day-interim report expected from the Department of the Treasury pertaining to its review of recent significant tax regulations. The article notes that the deadline for the report, required by a Trump administration executive order, was June 20.

“We have no idea what they’re doing if they don’t make it public,” said Jackel. “I don’t believe it’s within the spirit of what the president was attempting to accomplish to not make it public.” He added that would be more helpful to interested parties to have an idea of what regulations are being reviewed and if progress is being made consistent with the order.

A separate executive order, according to Jackel, also required a report, which does not appear to have been made public. Dated February 24, that order required each federal agency to create a regulatory reform task force, each of which was required to submit a report within 90 days of the order detailing the agency’s progress toward “identifying regulations for repeal, replacement, or modification.”