Variety Quotes Pratik Shah on SCOTUS Aereo Case

For its article “Supreme Court Ruling on Aereo Will Be Significant, No Matter Who Wins,” Variety quoted Akin Gump Supreme Court practice head Pratik Shah on upcoming oral argument before the high court on broadcasters’ suit against TV-content streamer Aereo.

Shah noted that the brief from the Office of the Solicitor General in the case favors the broadcasters and is, for that reason, significant.  Given conflicting narratives of possible outcomes to the Court’s decision, Shah said that the Justices would give weight to what the government, represented by the OSG, thinks.

He added that the Court could rely on the solicitor general’s view to issue a decision holding that Aereo is unlawful, but adding that the ruling would not necessarily preclude the development of technologies such as cloud computing: “The court could very explicitly put that in their opinion.”

Shah was also interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter on this topic.  Please click here to read more.