Wall Street Journal Quotes Jonathan Poling on Business Uncertainty re: Iran Sanctions and Trump Threats

Akin Gump international trade partner Jonathan Poling was quoted by The Wall Street Journal for its article “Companies Stuck Amid Trump Ultimatum on Iran,” which notes that companies that might do business in Iran are trying to interpret Trump administration language that indicates waivers for sanctions will not be renewed, though they will continue for the present.

Poling, who was a federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice working on prosecutions related to violations of U.S. economic sanctions, said of this, “There is enormous uncertainty and confusion, and you have a lot of reluctance to use existing authorizations because it’s complicated.”

He added that, although foreign subsidiaries of U.S. firms have been allowed to do business with Iran—under certain conditions, as specified by the Department of the Treasury—since 2016, few are doing so.