Wynn Segall Quoted by POLITICO on Russian Sanctions’ Impact on Business

POLITICO, for its article “K Street’s Russian bonanza,” quoted Akin Gump international trade partner Wynn Segall on the challenges that uncertainty concerning the Russian sanctions situation poses for global businesses.

As the United States and Europe seek to finalize measures to further deepen and broaden Russian sanctions, the article notes, global businesses are facing increasing uncertainty regarding what will comprise the sanctions landscape. Segall said, “Uncertainty is not the friend of global business, and that’s fundamentally the biggest difficulty for business interests in this context.”

He added, “We’re dealing with a difficult situation with a legal framework that’s being created in a politically charged international environment that is more challenging than we have seen for the U.S. and international business community in other sanctions-related crises in a long time. We’re dealing with a story that is still being written. Nobody really knows how this will all play out in the long term.”