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08 Nov '13

Elliot Hinds speaking at PowerGen International in Orlando next week (November 13, 1:30p) where he will be expanding on his recent talks on energy storage.  In addition to addressing the latest developments at FERC and in California, his presentation at PowerGen will explore what the components of a financeable storage PPA may be.  Elliot’s talk at PowerGen International will be more weighted with towards the conventional power space, which is a significant portion of his energy background.   His most recent talks have been before largely renewables audiences (SPI in Chicago and AES in San Diego) but storage is an issue that transcends resources. However, it is important point for financing that storage resources that are charged with too much conventional power will not qualify for the investment tax credit.  Stay tuned for further blog entries from Elliot on energy storage and ideas shared at PowerGen.

In addition, Elliot has organized a free webinar on the Solar M&A market trends on November 19, 2013 at 9a-10a Pacific time. In addition to Elliot, panelists include Carl Weatherly-White from KRoad Power, Alex Ellis from SunEdison and Tarik Bolat from Renewable Energy Trust. This knowledgeable panel will provide market analysis and perspective from recent solar deals and thoughtful perspective about trends going forward.  Go to for login information.