Bloomberg BNA Quotes Wynn Segall on U.S. Cuba Policy After Death of Castro

Akin Gump international trade partner Wynn Segall has been quoted in the Bloomberg BNA article “U.S. Cuba Policy Back in Spotlight After Castro’s Death.”

Segall said the death of Fidel Castro puts Cuba policy in the spotlight much sooner than would otherwise have been expected. He pointed out that opponents of easing Cuba sanctions had argued for years that no change should occur while Castro was alive and the regime he established still in power. This objection should now be less relevant, Segall said, as an obstacle to continuing economic engagement.

Segall cautioned that despite Raul Castro’s pledge to step down from leadership in 2018, “how the Trump administration approaches Cuba policy next year, including U.S. business and economic interests, in the months leading up to that political change in Cuba is unclear, unarticulated and yet to be seen.” He added that the new president will have enormous authority to reverse course if he so chooses, but Segall thinks the most pragmatic option for the new administration could be to wait and see how the current legal landscape works in practice and what it means for U.S. business and policy interests before taking action to alter the status quo.