Daily Journal Quotes Alissa Miller on Shifting TV Finance Landscape

For its article “Proliferation of TV networks causes shift in TV finance,” Daily Journal quoted Akin Gump entertainment and media senior counsel Alissa Miller on how the increase, in recent years, of content providers such as Netflix and Hulu has caused what it calls a shift in how producers and their finance attorneys obtain funding for their projects.

Miller noted that investors have been drawn both by the proliferation of new networks but also by the critical and financial success of recent TV shows, adding, “The lenders that were traditionally only doing film, we're seeing them more and more [in TV finance].”

Miller also said that networks, although working to some extent under the new model, are still coping with culture shock at the fact that they are not completely in control of the production. She noted, “Networks are used to running the show. They've essentially been in charge of the production, the distribution, the day-to-day. But now, with the kind of financing we're seeing, there's going to be more involvement from the producer and financier in terms of approvals.”