Devin Sikes Quoted by Bloomberg Law on Steel Tariff SCOTUS Appeal

Akin Gump international trade counsel Devin Sikes has been quoted in the Bloomberg Law article “Justices Asked to Strike Down National Security Trade Law.” A group of steel importers and users, the article reports, is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a challenge to the executive branch’s power to restrict imports in the name of national security, which President Trump has invoked to impose metal tariffs.

The article notes that the steel importers, in their appeal, repeat many of the arguments they made last year in a failed bid for an expedited Supreme Court review of a U.S. Court of International Trade decision, said Sikes.

The new petition stands a better chance for success, he observed, because the case has now gone through the normal appeals process. He added, though, that the Supreme Court has been less inclined to interfere with the President’s judgment on national security in recent years.