In Article for Tax Notes, Michael Kliegman Imagines a Reorganized GOP

Tax Notes has published the article “Imagining a GOP Reorganization,” written by Michael Kliegman, senior counsel in the tax practice at Akin Gump.

The article takes a “tongue-in-cheek” look at the Republican Party, through the unusual lens of the tax law. What would happen, Kliegman asks, if the apparent “schism in the GOP,” resulting from Donald Trump being the Republican presumptive nominee for president, were to lead to a breakup of the party? More precisely, “after presumably too many years dwelling in the world of the Internal Revenue Code’s subchapter C,” Kliegman writes that he wonders if a restructuring of the GOP “could qualify as a tax-free reorganization.”

Kliegman proceeds to discuss what would happen if the “Republican Establishment” were to support a “third party” candidate and form a new party in the process, with Trump hypothetically maintaining control of the original party. “If a political party had tax attributes like a regular corporation,” Kliegman writes,” which would hold these attributes going forward?”

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