Law360 Quotes Jennifer Richter on Legal Risks for Drone Manufacturers and Operators

Jennifer Richter, a partner in the communications and information technology practice at Akin Gump, has been quoted in the Law360 article “Evolving Tech Drives New Risks For Transpo Cos.,” which looks at the legal risks that may result from efforts by transportation companies to stay competitive amid technological advancements and changing consumer demands. According to the article, some of these new developments could be big “disruptors” in a sector that relies heavily on data and changing consumer trends to stay competitive.

One area of emerging technology discussed in the article pertains to drones. The article reports that many drone manufacturers and operators are still trying to determine what their liability risks are, what safety standards they have to follow and what limits are placed on their drone flights and operations.

Last month, the Trump administration issued a new drone testing directive designed to vet more thoroughly the public safety and security risks tied to the use of drones, and readjust federal rules for operating them. Industry stakeholders, the article says, are looking for additional guidelines on how to implement adequate safeguards for privacy, national security and drone tampering.

“Those tests will inform all of us what the tolerance is of the public of having drones in the local airspace and what they’re comfortable with,” said Richter. “It’s a terrific platform for answering these questions and what else needs to be done.”