National Journal Quotes Brian Pomper on Washington During the August Recess

For “In D.C., August Isn’t What It Used to Be,” an article discussing how Washington no longer enjoys a quiet August despite the congressional recess and the vacation season, National Journal quoted Akin Gump public law and policy partner Brian Pomper.

He noted that, for those in the field of advocacy, their day-to-day work remains constant during recess, even with Capitol Hill relatively quiet, because they engage the executive branch as well. Pomper said, “Of course, the administration never goes on recess. You’re still planning, you’re still writing, you’re still keeping up with things. The world doesn’t go to sleep just because Congress is in recess.”

Having worked on the Hill—he served as chief international trade counsel to then-Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT)—Pomper also understands recess from that perspective, noting that most congressional staffers use recess as a time to catch up on matters they hadn’t been able to get to when Congress was in session.

He did note, however, that even they find themselves busier than anticipated and unable to accomplish all they’d hoped to do: “I remember certainly feeling that way myself, and I think it’s a common lament among Hill staff.”