New York Law Journal Publishes Akin Gump Article on Biometrics

The New York Law Journal has published “Unique Biometric Data Creates Unique Privacy Concerns,” an article written by Natasha Kohne, a partner at Akin Gump and co-leader of the firm’s cybersecurity, privacy and data protection initiative; and Isabelle Gold and Kamran Salour, both counsel in the firm’s litigation practice. The authors provide an overview of the interplay between biometrics and privacy.

Kohne, Gold and Salour discuss the benefits of biometrics, including “both instantaneous convenience and, if handled carefully, increased security to governments and consumers.” They warn, however, that “the very benefits that biometric technology provides to consumers may also be its downfall.”

The authors examine some current state privacy laws, look at emerging case law and include a discussion on New York’s proposed Data Security Act. They also offer some measures that companies can take to safeguard biometric data despite legal uncertainty.

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