NLJ Publishes Article by Thomas McCarthy and Hal Shapiro on Trump National Security Plan

The National Law Journal has published the article “Would the International Emergency Economic Powers Act Help Trump?” written by Akin Gump international trade partners Thomas McCarthy and Hal Shapiro.

The article considers the question of how Donald Trump would implement his international economic and national security vision under U.S. law if he were to be elected president. McCarthy and Shapiro write that the expansion of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act offers one possible answer, “which if applied in a novel and unprecedented manner could have significant consequences its authors did not forsee.”

The law was enacted in 1977 and, as the authors note, “has historically been used by presidents to implement U.S. sanctions on foreign parties and persons.” They write that President Jimmy Carter first used it to impose sanctions on Iran. More recently, President Obama used it to enact measures against North Korea. The act “was passed in an effort to limit the president’s authority to declare an indefinite state of national emergency during peacetime.”

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