Policymakers Focused on Artificial Intelligence, Write Akin Gump Lawyers in The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law

Diana Schaffner, litigation counsel at Akin Gump, along with public law and policy partner Ed Pagano and senior counsel Hans Rickhoff, have written the article “Policymakers Focusing on Artificial Intelligence,” which was published by The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Law. The article follows several recent events demonstrating that lawmakers are “moving to the next phase of policy issues related to the further development and integration of AI (artificial intelligence) into society.” As a result, the authors write, “Washington continues to develop a path forward on AI and the role of government.”

The events include:

  • The top Republican and Democrat on the House Subcommittee on Information Technology of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a white paper, the authors note, providing several recommendations with regard to AI. It includes both technical goals and policymakers goals.
  • The National Science Foundation is seeking to update the National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan to reflect new strategy goals, including making long-term investments in AI research, developing effective methods for human-AI collaboration, and understanding and addressing the ethical, legal and societal implications of AI.
  • Legislation has been introduced in the Senate that would “seek to promote the use of AI by the federal government through increased executive agency coordination through an advisory board and development of a strategy for investing and deploying AI as part of the federal government.”

The authors conclude by observing that these efforts “demonstrate that federal policymakers continue to recognize the need to proactively engage in a more concrete way to incorporate AI into society.”

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