Reuters Quotes Pratik Shah in Supreme Court Preview Story

Pratik Shah, co-head of the Supreme Court and appellate practice at Akin Gump, has been quoted in the Reuters article “Trump administration in spotlight as U.S. top court returns.” The Supreme Court, the article notes, begins its new term on Monday with major cases on the docket involving voting rights, religious liberty, union funding and class-action suits.

The Justice Department under President Trump, as the article reports, has flipped the government’s position in some important cases, reversing the stance taken under former President Barack Obama. Some justices, the article says, may look dimly upon the government abruptly changing its position in cases and Shah concurs. A former assistant to the solicitor general, he said a flip-flop can provide an opening for justices sympathetic to the view of the prior administration, who might ask, “What in the law has changed to warrant a different view?”