Stephen Kho Quoted by Global Trade Review on Trump Trade Policies

Global Trade Review has quoted Akin Gump international trade partner Stephen Kho in “The Trump effect: all talk no action.” The article examines President Trump’s impact on international trade during his first year in office.

“Incredibly [Trump’s] rhetoric has remained the same: strong anti-trade rhetoric,” said Kho. “Campaign talk is one thing but once you become the president your constituency broadens. But his has not, he is in constant campaign-mode and thinks that those who didn’t vote for him are not his constituents. It’s odd, but he’s clearly still focusing on his base, with complete disregard for others. This is very different from any previous presidency in my lifetime.”

With regard to China, the article reports that the Trump administration has told the World Trade Organization it opposes granting market economy status, fearing it would lead to a flood of cheap Chinese goods entering the United States. Without it, Washington can continue to impose high antidumping tariffs on Beijing.

Kho disagrees with this approach, saying, “If the U.S. is interested and serious about enforcement, you need the global system. Unilateral enforcement mechanisms don’t work anymore because the U.S. is not the only game in town. The perception that countries will do whatever it takes to trade with the U.S. is a miscalculation by some officials.”