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Through institutional private placements, investors and institutions can access a broad range of financing opportunities and execute deals more rapidly and with less expense than traditional publicly registered securities offerings.

Representative Matters

We have acted as special counsel to a group of institutional investors on the following private placement transactions:

  • Adidas AG, a German sporting goods and apparel manufacturer, in the issuance of US$1 billion of senior notes.
  • Ametek, Inc., a U.S. electronics manufacturer, in Sterling and Euro financing of the dollar equivalent of approximately US$900 million of notes.
  • Kingspan Securities Limited denominated and Kingspan Group Plc, Irish companies in connection with the issuance of €750,500,000 equivalent in Senior Unsecured Notes denominated in Euro and US Dollars. The notes were issued as “green” notes, one of the first broadly syndicated transactions in the market incorporating this feature.
  • Derment London plc, a London-based Real Estate Investment Trust, in a £100 million financing.
  • Dyson Holdings PTE Ltd, a Singapore holding Company, and Dyson Finance Limited, a finance subsidiary, in the equivalent of $380,000,000 of Senior Unsecured Notes denominated in Euro and Yen.