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05 Apr '13

Order Denying Motion to Dismiss in Reynolds v. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, No. 9:09-cv-124 (E.D. Tex., Aug. 10, 2012): On August 10, 2012, the district court denied Planned Parenthood’s motion to dismiss the complaint alleging that Planned Parenthood violated the federal FCA and Texas Medicaid Fraud Prevention Act (TMFPA) by submitting false Medicaid reimbursement claims to the State of Texas. However, the court dismissed claims that alleged a private cause of action under the TMFPA, holding that there is no private right of action under the TMFPA. Further, the court dismissed claims involving conduct that had occurred prior to May 4, 2007 (the date Texas amended the TMFPA to allow qui tam relators to prosecute actions absent the Attorney General intervening) because the Attorney General did not intervene in the suit.