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30 May '13

Illinois and Hawaii recently amended their false claims acts and became the latest states to receive a stamp of approval from the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG).  A state is eligible for a ten percent increase in its share of any Medicaid recovery made under its state FCA if the act is as robust as the federal FCA.  The specific requirements for this financial incentive are available here. In 2011, the OIG notified 17 states, including Illinois and Hawaii, that their state FCAs did not meet the OIG’s requirements, and gave them a grace period to amend their state FCAs to meet OIG requirements. The OIG gave nine of the 17 states until August 31, 2013 to amend their state FCAs. On May 22, the OIG informed Hawaii and Illinois that their state FCAs met the OIG’s requirements. 

The OIG letter to Hawaii is here.

The OIG letter to Illinois is here.

Two months ago, the OIG informed California that its state FCA met the OIG’s requirements, and informed Georgia that its state FCA did not. The OIG’s letter to California is here. The OIG’s letter to Georgia is here.